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Unlimited movement control

D-WALL represents the mirror revolution in gyms. The Hi-Tech digital mirror not only allows you to perform each motor gesture with maximum control, but also makes it possible to analyse the performance in real time according to precise parameters.


Thanks to D-WALL you can perform hundreds of exercises and programs ready to use, specific for posture, functional training, balance and strength. Assessment and training can be managed in an integrated way to provide a training guide in both Rehab and Health Fitness. Through a 3D camera and a force platform, D-WALL recognises in real time up to sixteen body articulations and every movement performed in the operative area. Every action, in front of D-WALL provides an immediate bio-feedback.
 This is the revolution of the digital mirror!

3D camera

The 3D camera, placed in front of the D-WALL system, is one of the fulcrums of the system. Thanks to the body recognition and the interface gesture, the athlete and the patient get feedback in real time on each movement performed. 
The classic mirror thus becomes a digital mirror capable of detecting every single gesture with precision and reliability. The 3D camera technology is high resolution (HD), equipped with infrared rays. The infrared optics, firing a beam of rays on the mass of the subject, is able to reconstruct it almost magically, in three-dimensional mode in real time, for immediate feedback.

Video wall

The mirror is perhaps one of the most widespread universal elements in the Fitness and Rehab area. TecnoBody has reinterpreted it to create a real revolution in gyms. Immersive Virtual Reality is the protagonist of this screen, capable of giving back an immediate biofeedback that is traceable to the intuitiveness that can be found in the mirrors.

The process of natural and instinctive learning of the mirror is enhanced and inserted into an integrated development of gesture analysis.

16" Touch screen monitor

The management of the commands can be managed simply with the recognition of gestures by the 3D camera. 

To start an exercise just move a hand and stop it in correspondence with the chosen key in front of you. 

For an integrated management by the trainer the 16" touch screen monitor allows a complete interaction with the system.

TecnoBody Key

Each athlete is unique, each patient has his own program, each has a personal TecnoBody Key.

By inserting TecnoBody Key in any device of the TenoBody line, the system recognizes the customer and automatically sets up the guided training.

TecnoBody Key contains not only the training program of your patient-client but also, above all, its assessments: strength, balance, stability, elasticity, etc. TecnoBody Key a powerful and flexible system to professionally follow your patient in all its rehabilitation phases.

The strength platform

The strength platform of D-WALL H-Sport is the optional element that completes your digital mirror for an even richer assessment and training experience.

In fact, with the strength platform you can enrich D-WALL H-Sport with a real stabilometric kit, able to return all the data inherent to the analysis of 3D movement.

The four load cells on the platform allow you to perform Squat Jump Test, Fitness Test and Health Test with all the precision necessary to evaluate the strength of your athlete.

D-WALL Software

Program library
A software configuration to give you flexibility, ease of use and content diversification. The tests and programs contained within are organized with a software configuration divided into 3 families and by the presence of specific hardware, ie the platform of strength and electronic platforms. 


The three families are:


It is the family related to rehabilitation, with contents concerning ankle, lower limbs, trunk, shoulder and upper limbs. 

Within this software module you can find multiple programs that range from the recovery of joint mobility up to programs of muscle strengthening of the various post-acute body segments, from training for load management and occupational therapy.

In the Rehab family you can set up 19 different programs, designed with 3 different difficulties (Easy - Medium - Hard) so as to be able to adapt optimally to the individuality of each person.

Health & fitness

Within this software module you will find contents related to the maintenance of the state of health, such as toning, weight loss, cardio vascular training and, more generally, themes that reflect on the long-term improvement of body composition.

You can have your athlete perform 14 different training programs ranging from strength training to functional training and which include different accessories to use (barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, rubber bands, kettlebells,fluiball). 

But also balance and cardio workouts that exploit the support of virtual reality allowing the body to move in a digital environment and reach targets with legs and arms or dodging objects.


In the Sports area there are training programs ranging from strength & conditioning to specific exercises for strength training, balance, agility and functional training.
You can have your athletes perform 21 different programs of athletic conditioning specific to multiple sports, up to structured exercises with a preventive purpose. Also in this case there is the section games, with which you can practice using the electronic active boards to propose a greater degree of difficulty or immerse yourself in virtual reality settings (such as a football field, tennis, basketball, etc). You will be able to test the ability to reach multiple targets, keeping every parameter under control with the feedback of the reaction time between a stimulus and its achievement.

D-Wall Accessories

Active Balance Kit

The control of balance in sports has always represented the pursuit of perfection of the gesture.

D-WALL H-Sport, thanks to the combination of the active footboard kit and accessories for proprioception, is the perfect tool for running runners, dancers, skiers and all sportsmen with a focus on listening to the motor gesture.


  • The D-WALL H-Sport Active Balance Kit includes:

  • Active Bipodalic Platform

  • Active monopodalic platform

  • Monoaxial Active Platform

  • Balance Pad

  • Balance Disk

  • Bosu


Functional Kit

The control of balance in sports has always represented the pursuit of perfection of the gesture.

D-WALL H-Sport, thanks to the combination of the active footboard kit and accessories for proprioception, is the perfect tool for running runners, dancers, skiers and all sportsmen with a focus on listening to the motor gesture.


Polar Software Package

Thanks to the possibility of association with the Polar Software Package, you have the opportunity to monitor the heart rate parameters of your athlete or patient at any time.

The association with the system can take place via brachial, thoracic, wrist with smartwatch or any heart rate detection device based on BLE technology.

For example, you can set protocols for chronic after-stroke subjects with the use of high intensity workouts monitored through the heart rate, detecting the constant improvement of functional skills.

For the safety of your patient and the optimisation of training, you can set limits that cannot be exceeded or specific predetermined work bands.

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