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Smart Gravity
Load Relief System

Smart Gravity is the dynamic support system born from TecnoBody research at the service of physiotherapy and neuromotor rehabilitation.

With all the technology of TecnoBody Walker View 3.0 SCX and the weight reduction system, thanks to Smart Gravity you can halve the post-operative recovery times for your patient and evaluate their evolutions with constant feedback, all in maximum safety.

A range of accessories for patient and operator

A series of accessories designed to complete Smart Gravity and to facilitate access and use by any type of patient, at the service of your method of assessment and setting of rehabilitation perspectives.

You can complete the system with:

  • the wheelchair ramp

  • the lowered bars for the rehabilitation of children

  • arm supports

  • operator sessions

Smart Gravity: technology and research for patient

The system is managed by two different engines:

  • an engine for the patient lifting operations

  • one for managing the percentage of dynamic relief, configured as a variable support that follows the natural vertical oscillations of the subject and of his COG, the Gravitational Oscillation Centre.


Feature SCX Speed Control

Thanks to a patent pending SCX Speed Control feature, on Smart Gravity you can choose from manual control to total autonomous control of the belt speed. 

The electronics that control the SCX feature allows Smart Gravity to automatically recognise the users' gesture, who can regulate the passage from a walk to a run and visa versa, change the rhythm at any time, until the belt stops completely with his simple instinctive gesture. 

With SCX Speed Control, the operator obtains even more precise reports on the runners and patients undergoing stroke and gait analysis. A unique experience is guaranteed for the user, compared to that   carried out outdoors on the road.

Smart Gravity Software

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