Cantley Medical Services was formed in 2007 by founder, Carolyn Smith, and we are the exclusive distributor of the Tyromotion end-effector robotic and sensor-based advanced rehabilitation devices. Tyromotion’s devices are invented, tested, and hand-built in-house in the beautiful southern Austrian city of Graz.

Cantley Medical’s founder, Carolyn Smith, has some 35 years experience working at the top level across the various neurological fields, working with Deep Brain Stimulation, Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke and Spinal Cord patients, and upon discovering these devices in their infancy in 2009, Carolyn saw that these devices from Tyromotion filled a huge void for these and other patient populations, eager to get back to a more normal life.

Since 2009, Cantley Medical has worked closely with the Tyromotion team, bringing devices featuring highly advanced true robotic technology with engaging, therapy-based gamification, EMG, and Virtual Reality capabilities.

What we see today, as patients continue to struggle to rehabilitate with conventional therapy and with added pressure on therapists, is the increased need to provide therapists with scientifically proven and easy to use tools that help their patients get better every day. 

What we are also seeing is the huge increase in demand for using these advanced robotic and sensor-based devices from the patients, the patient’s family, and friends, all looking for treatment of their loved one with the best technology, and providing proven outcomes.

Tyromotion end effector devices are the market leaders in Europe and the United States, and their devices are now used in 45 countries across the world. They lead the way with collaborative research projects both in Europe and also here in Australia, always seeking better outcomes for patients.  

The Tyromotion devices are supported by over 100 published research papers, including in the latest 2020 Cochrane review for lower limb, where it states that ‘end-effector robotics together with conventional therapy saw better outcomes than exoskeletons and conventional therapy’.

Cantley Medical are extremely proud to represent Tyromotion in Australia and New Zealand, and to provide all our clients with a high level of expertise and service, as well as ongoing development for their staff to achieve the best possible patient outcome.


TYROTHERAPY – Get Better. Every Day.