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Full Body Rehabilitation

The 3 components of TYROTHERAPY:

Intensity / Dose / Motivation

These 3 components we believe are critical to achieving the best possible therapeutic outcomes within the shortest amount of time, in a goal-driven and motivating way.


What does TYROTHERAPY mean for patients?

Tyrotherapy allows patients to escape the monotony of everyday, ordinary therapy. Their condition is stressful enough; shouldn’t their time spent in therapy be both fun and challenging? Let Tyrotherapy provide the means for your patients to achieve their goals and enjoy therapy.

Putting patients at the heart of rehabilitation

Highly intensive focused, and motivated training is possible in an environment where classic therapy and the latest technology work together. Tyrotherapy helps therapists and patients to do the right things at the right time, regardless of location, indication, and phase of rehabilitation.


OUR MISSION: To improve the independence and quality of life for people in Australia and New Zealand

To accomplish this mission, we provide a comprehensive solution that enables physicians and therapists to put their patients at the heart of therapy and to work together on their goals. By using the most modern technologies such as robotics, sensor technology, virtual reality, and gamification, patients are guided through the rehabilitation process more intensively and motivationally.

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