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SP Mobilas by Sporlastic


A fabulous piece of simple technology that can be used every day at home and between therapy sessions. The SP Mobilas also gives you the freedom the use a computer while still ecercising wrist movements. The SP Mobilas makes doing exercises at home between therapy seesions fun and motivating.

  • Pareses needing support (flaccid, spastic)

  • Plegias of the hand, e.g. after a stroke

Benefits & Therapy
  • Edema reduction

  • Contraction prophylaxis – passive and active

  • Tone regulation

  • Improved perception and sensory information

  • Indirect effect on shoulder rotation

  • Early independent training

  • Improved therapy ability

  • Use in follow-up therapy

  • Positioning disk with anatomical hand rest

  • Anti-friction coating

  • Hook and loop straps

  • Accessories for passive and dynamic support (ball, can)

  • Recess for computer mouse so can control a computer mouse

  • Exercise handbook/case

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