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"SPORLASTIC® braces and orthotics assure an optimal rehabilitation and lead patients back into mobility"

SPORLASTIC® Orthopaedics


SPORLASTIC Orthopaedics stands for a comprehensive range of braces and orthotics for conservative and post surgical assistance. SPORLASTIC products, in combination with medical help and physiotherapeutic measures, support an integrated treatment approach referring to the respective indications.

SPORLASTIC solutions has been and continues to be developed with a network of doctors, therapists and technicians, and is distinguished by innovation to the highest functionality. The advanced knitting technology comes with a patented intarsia 3D-flat knitting technique.

In addition, it is distinguished by seamless assembling of different textile materials and the most modern “sandwich” composition.

SPORLASTIC PLATINUM products, are made from carefully selected materials such as spandex, silicone, velour as well as proved micro climate, ensure a good skin compatibility. All products are latex-free. The innovative 3D-flat knit fits perfectly to the anatomic situation. This enables a functional compression, a proprioceptive effect, as well as an almost wrinkle-free fit.

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