OMEGO® - Pre-gait Therapy with early mobilization and verticalization


OMEGO® is a new assessment and rehabilitation device for patients with impaired functions of the lower extrimity and gait disorders. Both unilaterally and bilaterally, as well as for leg press, stepping and cycling exercises and the foot drop therapy can be performed lying, sitting, or in an upright position.


OMEGO® - Pre-gait Therapy

Normal physiological gait patterns are only possible if all of the following four requirements are met:


With OMEGO® you can Step & Foot-Lift

  • The ability to initiate and improve rhythmic steps

  • Improved foot control for a safe stance & a smooth heel strike
    in gait


With OMEGO® you can Press & Cycle

  • Normalization of bone, joint and muscle functions

  • Balance control


With OMEGO® you can Rhythm & Games

  • Training of perception via internal and external stimulants (visual, vestibular, auditive and senso-motoric).


With OMEGO® you can Symmetry Detection & Feedback

  • The ability to assume an upright posture and keep the balance

  • Verticalization and maintenance of posture against gravity: head, body, upper limb

OMEGO® is available in 2 versions, an “Advanced” and “Basic” version. The advanced version has an integrated multifunctional seat. All exercises can be performed while lying, sitting, or in an upright position. Therefore, OMEGO® “Advanced” is ideal for patients that require preterm mobilization and verticalization. OMEGO® is applicable in phases “B” to “F” of the 6-tier neuro-rehabilitation model.

The basic version without the multifunctional seat offers all basic exercises and therapeutic options. It is ideal for mobile patients or people that are wheelchair bound. With their short setup times, both versions maximize the net therapy time.

OMEGO® - facts


One system for all relevant “Pre-Gait” components:

  • Stepper

  • Cycling

  • Leg press

  • Foot drop training

  • Training in lying, sitting, upright position

Uni and bilateral therapy with 2 separate drives:

  • Symmetry detection (Dysbalance)

  • Hemiplegia training

Motivational evidence-based therapy:

  • Gamification

  • Virtual Reality

  • Rhythmic games

  • TyroS Software



For more information OMEGO® Fact Sheet.pdf

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