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PABLO® Lower Extremity. Always know where therapy is going

PABLO® Lower Extremity facts

Gait analysis for:

- Determination of the actual situation

- Progress monitoring

- Assessment of therapy applications’ effectiveness

- Assessment of orthopedic/medical tools’ effectiveness

- Feedback for patients (information about actual progress)


  • For orthopedic, neurologic, internistic, pediatric, geriatric patients

  • For hospitals, rehabilitation centres, outpatient clinics, independent therapists

PABLO® Lower Extremity functionalities

Easy integration into the daily therapeutic routine:

- Assessments’ level of detail is adaptable

- Therapies may easily be derived from assessments

  • Easy Setup

  • Can be used on all types of surface

- Geriatric/neurologic application especially without treadmill

  • Walking distance adaptable

  • Objective assessment of pathologic gait parameters / asymmetries in gait patterns

  • Measurement is independent from size

  • Pediatric application

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