PABLO® Lower Extremity

Always know where therapy is going


PABLO Lower Extremity, our gait analysis and training system, precisely measures the parameters which are required for the selection of the most effective therapeutic measures for gait improvement.

PABLO® Lower Extremity Facts

Gait analysis for:

  • Determination of the actual situation

  • Progress monitoring

  • Assessment of therapy applications’ effectiveness

  • Assessment of orthopedic/medical tools’ effectiveness

  • Feedback for patients (information about actual status or progress)

  • For orthopedic, neurologic, internistic, pediatric, geriatric patients

  • For hospitals, rehabilitation centres, outpatient clinics, independent therapists

PABLO® Lower Extremity Functionality

Easy integration into the daily therapeutic routine:

  • Assessments’ level of detail is adaptable

  • Therapies may easily be derived from assessments

  • Easy Setup

  • Can be used on all types of surface

  • Geriatric / neurologic application especially without treadmill

  • Walking distance adaptable

  • Objective assessment of pathologic gait parameters / asymmetries in gait patterns

  • Measurement is independent from size

  • Pediatric application

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