Tyromotion offers a complete range of robotics and computer-assisted therapy devices for the upper extremity. One solution for all phases of rehabilitation: 

​The Tyrosolution is a modular product range. Modular, because all devices have been designed for greatest compatibility throughout all phases of therapy. This is made possible by the centerpiece of the tyrosolution, the tyroS software. For complete documentation and evaluation, all therapy devices have been equipped with tyroS and can be connected via the tyroserver. But that’s not all. With the software comes a huge selection of therapy games, for more motivation and greater control through therapy.

All therapy devices of the tyrosolution can be adjusted to the individual and leave enough creative freedom for doctors and therapists to tailor the rehabilitation process perfectly to the patients’ needs. It’s really simple and easy; user-friendliness comes first. Whether in clinics or smaller therapy facilities, the Tyrosolution is a versatile and complete solution for treatment of the upper extremity.

With the TYROSOLUTION® therapy becomes more efficient, more motivating and richer in variety. In all phases of rehabilitation.

  • One modular solution for the entire upper extremity

  • Gapless documentation and evaluation, as well as an enormous selection of therapy games

  • Individual adjustment in all phases of rehabilitation for more motivation

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AMADEO® facts
  • Robotics and sensor-based rehabilitation devices for use with either hand

  • Assistive and interactive therapies for individual fingers and thumbs movements

  • Patients can be set-up quickly and easily

  • Arm supports can be changed quickly

  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases

  • Can be used by patients with spasticity, or those with high tone

  • Objective assessments and reports

  • Four assessment programs (strength, ROM, tone, spasticity)

  • Sensation and individual movement therapy

  • CPM Plus, EMG, spasticity treatment

DIEGO® facts
  • Robotic and sensor based rehabilitation device

  • Unilateral and bilateral therapy in one device – no configuration necessary

  • Assistive and interactive therapies for the whole arm

  • Applicable for adults and children in all rehabilitation phases

  • Short setup time of patient to device

  • End effector system (hands-on possible)

  • Assist-as-needed with intelligent gravity compensation (IGC)

  • Enables task oriented training

MYRO®  in brief

  • Highly adaptable

  • Provides working space for more than one person

  • Unilateral and bilateral training

  • Can be used in combination with DIEGO

  • Offers full documentation and tracking of the therapy units with
    TyroS software

PABLO® Upper Extremity facts

  • Sensor-based rehabilitation device for unilateral and bilateral training

  • Interactive therapies for the whole body (hand, fingers, arms, legs, trunk, head)

  • Wireless therapy device

  • Can be used by adults and children in all rehabilitation phases

  • Objective assessments, monitoring and reporting system

  • Assistance and movement guidance with Multiboard and Multiball for weaker patients

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