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The Neuro-lux II is designed for shoulders that are flabby and painful and have restricted movement of the shoulder and arm muscles.  For patients who have Hemiplegia Plexus, shoulder hand pain syndrome, cranio-cerebral trauma, trauma of the cervical spine and peripheral nerve damage.

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NEURO-LUX® II - Operation & Therapy

The Neuro-lux II allows for the reduction of the humeral head in the shoulder joint with correction of subluxations and internal rotation of the shoulder joint.  It gives protection but with free arm function. There is usually significant pain relief by avoiding secondary damage to capsule, tendons, muscles and nerves by pulling and drooping effect of the joint. Indirect gait improvement is seen through arm pendulum motion by avoiding the shoulder-hand syndrome.

NEURO-LUX® II Benefits

  • Repositioning of the humerus in shoulder joint while correcting subluxation and inner rotation

  • Stabilisation of shoulder joint

  • Pain relief

  • Prevents secondary injuries of crown cap, tendons, muscles and shoulder nerves

  • Improvement of posture through movement of arm pendulum

  • Avoidance of shoulder hand-syndrome
    Fossil Study 2009

Without Neuro-lux II

With Neuro-lux II - lift straps allow a considerable uplift of the humorous toward the joint socket.

NEURO-LUX® II Features

  • Two lifting strings, cross-jointed, dynamic for resetting force with the outward rotation on the shoulder joint

  • Shoulder cap has optimal fit

  • Arm devices: conical, pressure-free application, dimpled band

  • Breast belt: simple handling by closing and opening

  • Single-hand closure with slide-stop strap

  • Made of soft and breathable material

The Constraint Induced Movement Therapy 
(CIMT) is a modern treatment of therapy for adults and children which is evidenced based with a high level of support.

Also modified, lesser intensive forms, which are easier to be used practically, encourage intensively the function of the arm and the repeated use of the affected arm in daily life.

Often, because of lesion-induced sensomotoric restrictions, the affected arm cannot be used any more and therefore a conditioning of this negative learning progress follows. This means that the affected arm will be used less and less and usually not at all on a daily basis and the non affected arm will be used even more. 

Our brain possesses the possibility to adapt the functional and structural organization which is described as neuroplasticity of the brain. These plastic

adaptations of the cortex can be influenced by the learning-and training procedures.

The CIMT was developed based on the knowledge of the neuroplasticity and the theory of the learned disuse.


This is characterized by 3 contents: 

  • Restriction of the movement (immobilization of the not affected arm),

  • Active repetitive, task-oriented training of the affected arm and

  • Principle of the shaping (behavior of the attempt, to reach the wanted goal movements in a gradually approach with the effort of a positively strengthening).


"If CIMT or modified CIMT can be offered and  the patient fulfills the necessary expectations, then the method of the treatment can be used on an outlined patient base."

(evidence middle to high, assessment of

the effects: high quality; commendatory level A). As mentioned in Australian Guidelines for the motoric rehabilitation of the upper extremities after a stroke.

Constrain Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) Bandages

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The Neurodyn Classic is a textile foot lift orthosis for dynamic compensation of flaccid paralysis.


Personal paralyses all degrees of intensity, especially mild to moderate foot and toe lift paralysis (degree of strength 2–4)


Benefits & Therapy
  • Foot-lifting support and improved rolling characteristics

  • Two correction straps in the forefoot area for better foot lifting and pronation position through bigger lever action

  • Proprioceptively effective and passive correction of supination and plantar flexion

  • Stabilization of the ankle joint and prevention of twisting

  • Larger step range through achieved muscular dynamism with better overall gait


  • Structure and benefits basically as with NEURODYNR-SPASTIC, but without additional correction straps in the forefoot area

  • Easy application

  • Latex-free


The Neurodyn Spastic is a textile orthosis for compensation of spastic foot-lifting pareses


Spastic foot-lifting pareses

Benefits & Therapy
  • Foot-lifting support and improved rolling characteristics

  • Two adjustment straps in the forefoot area for better foot-lifting and pronation through larger foot lifting effect

  • Proprioceptively effective and passive correction of supination and plantar flexion 

  • Ankle stabilization and twisting prevention 

  • Larger step range through achieved muscular dynamism with improved overall gait


  • Access with hook and loop closure

  • Single-handed application with finger loop possible

  • Semi-elastic eight-fold strapping

  • Non-elastic lateral strap

  • Strap numbering for correct application

  • Reinforcing rods on the lower leg

  • Latex-free


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  • Sagging and (moderate) 

  • spastic or paralysed dorsiflexors

  • eg after stroke, 

  • multiple sclerosis, 

  • Peroneusparese, other 

  • neurological / muscular 

  • diseases lumbar root damage such as poliomyelitis


Benefits & Therapy
  • Support of dorsiflexion 

  • Reduction of the risk of falling

  • Improved rolling behavior and gait

  • Larger increments


  • Innovative one-hand operation with magnetic closure. 

  • Adjustable and thermoformable front shell

  • Comfortable cushion insole

  • High-quality openings in the front shell allow for increased airflow 

  • Comfortable to wear weight through lightweight design


Neurodyn-Dynam X size chart

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