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Inspired by Space Medicine


The technological, medical and scientific origins of the Vacusport® Regeneration System lie in space medicine. In the weightlessness of space, the astronauts have to undergo a negative pressure treatment in an LBNPD (Lower Body Negative Pressure Device) every ten hours to avoid orthostatic complications. This is the only way to ensure sufficient blood circulation in the lower extremities in spite of a lack of gravity and prevent orthostatic complications. 

The further development of the LBNPD led to the development of the commercially available Vacusport® Regeneration System. This device provides an intermittent vacuum therapy –IVT-.through alternating between negatic\ve and positive pressures.

This rhythmic vessel dilatation stimulates the flow in the lymph system, arteries and veins. At the same time capillarisation is increased. This is achieved in a completely passive way that is non invasive to the client.  Non mobile clients can also be treated.

Make it Easy


The use of the Vacusport provides an even, pain-free treatment of the lower extremities it is particularly beneficial in cases of peripheral circulation disorders or lymph drainage problems that cannot be touched or massaged by a human hand.

The physiotherapist can now leave this job to the Vacusport and can use their high qualifications and expertise for clients requiring more functional therapies.
The effect on lymph flow and peripheral perfusion in the subcutaneous / epi-fascial region can be triggered in different ways. Pre-programmed settings are available for typical indications in the area of regeneration and rehabilitation. These automatic treatment programmes are based on the experience of several 100,000 applications in leading clinics worldwide. This guarantees best practice and makes the therapy successful, simple, very safe for anyone to use. 
A treatment takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the indications and is always perceived as pleasant by the patient. Depending on the indication 8 to 16 sessions within a period of three to six weeks are prescribed.

Suitable for Who?

The Regeneration System with the patented Vacusport device is used in the fields of orthopaedics, traumatology and sport medicine. The locations are facilities for physiotherapy, centres for orthopaedic or neurological rehabilitation and sport performance support points. Orthopaedic, pain management and internal medicine practices are also a possibility.

The benefits to the all types of patients is proven and sports people continue to use the Vacusports to improve their competitiveness in their chosen field.

The financial benefits to a clinic or organisation for providing this therapy option can also be proven as the investment pays itself off surprisingly fast and contributes towards an increase in the performance and attractiveness of the facility.


The result:

  • Improvement in quality of life due to faster profound rehabilitation.

  • Faster recovery after training and competing in your sports discipline

  • Over time increase in endurance due to faster recovery so the athlete can train every day

  • Due to the excellent effect of IVT on lymph flow, the Vacusport® Regeneration System is also recognised as a modern, cost-effective therapy for lymph oedemas. 

VACUSPORT®  - Boosting of regeneration and rehabilitation for the lower body (LBNPD)

Here it is: the new method of boosting regeneration and rehabilitation from the realm of space medicine. Already a hit with world-class athletes and top football, rugby and icehockey clubs who do everything they can to improve their performance. In daily use in leading international clinics for orthopedics and traumatology. Vacusport® Regeneration System gives surprisingly fast results in the therapy and rehabilitation and mobilisation of patients.

In Europe, it is in daily use in leading international clinics for orthopaedics and traumatology. For surprisingly fast results in the therapy and rehabilitation and mobilisation of patients: the Vacusport® Regeneration System. Many sporting organisations and individual athletes from around the world use this device to help improve their own performance or the performance of their organisations athletes.


Flow is the Name of the Game


With regard to post-traumatic or post-operative swelling, the start of the healing process is delayed until the oedemas subside. Oedematous tissue cannot be subjected to manual or mechanical compression treatments in the initial stage after a trauma. The arterial, venous and lymphatic vessel systems can be affected for days and significantly delay the healing process; circulatory disorders and lymph drainage problems in the injured tissue can continue to exist for months or years.
However now, with the use of the Vacusport Regeneration System's Intermittent Vacuum Therapy (IVT) it reduces oedemas spontaneously and permanently. By supporting peripheral perfusion, stimulates the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the wounds and leads to significantly faster wound healing and faster convalescence. Totally contact-free and pain-free for the patient. 
Vacusport is ideal for care after typical sport injuries and significantly reduces the rehabilitation time for the benefit of the sportsperson and their sponsors. Also ideal for accelerating rehabilitation after joint internal injury operations including many lower limb orthopaedic and endoprosthetics. 

VACUSPORT® - Automatic Pre-set Treatment Programmes 

  • Post-operative or post-traumatic swelling

  • Secondary lymph oedemas and combined lymph / lipo oedemas

  • Passive vascular and walking distance training

  • injuries to ligament structures in the lower extremities

  • Torn muscle fibre (corked thighs and hamstring injuries)

  • Internal joint injury

  • Rehabilitation boosting after endoprosthetics

  • Regeneration boosting and injury prevention in competitive sport


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